Monday, October 02, 2006


Mustard is a sweet treat that is usually made after the harvesting of the grapes. It can be eaten immediately after cooked, cooled in the refrigerator, or dried in the sun and eaten in the winter.
We happened to have a few grapes left over on a vine over the house terrace, and it was just enough for the recipe.

Using a tomatoes grinder, extract all the juices from the grapes. We then placed the waste on a press and got every last drop!
In a large pan add the juice of the grapes and ash. Ash is just that, ash! We passes the ash from our grill through a sieve and collected only the fine powder. For a full pan of juice add 3-5 spoonfuls of ash. The more ash the sweeter the mustard!

Boil down on medium heat for a long period of time stirring the mixture. The longer the boiling the sweeter the mustard.

After a few hours the mixture will resemble a prune juice. Let it sit to cool.
Strain the mixture through cloth into a bowl.

Stir in flour to the bowl and mix. (For ever 1 liter of liquid add 100 grams of flour.)

Still over high heat stir constantly until firm like melted caramel. (add cinnamon and clove at this point to your tasting)

When all mixed, pour the mixture into dampened molds or plates to dry.

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