Saturday, February 09, 2008


Michelle, from Bleeding Espresso, wrote the other day about the benefits of oatmeal and her daily routine. It got me thinking, and this morning I’d like to share our morning breakfast ritual, fresh yogurt.

We purchased a yogurt maker over a year ago and we have been enjoying the freshest healthy yogurt every day. Yes, if you are familiar with the sweet, store bought varieties, it does take some time getting used to the natural sourness of fresh yogurt. However, I assure you, the homemade product is far less sour than the store bought natural yogurt.

Most are aware that lactic bacteria, which normally exist in our bodies, help fight infection and ease digestion. Stress, illness, a busy lifestyle and antibiotics can deplete these bacteria.
Yogurt helps to replenish the body’s natural defenses by containing live lactic cultures, which are critical to good health.

Yogurt can help you lead a healthy life too, by:

  • Helping to reduce milk intolerances, which can particularly effect babies and older people

  • Assure a healthy digestive system, reducing disease and gas producing bacteria

  • Reduce side effects of antibiotics which can kill good as well as bad bacteria

  • High in protein to help build and repair body tissue

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B and C as well as iron and potassium

  • Valuable source of calcium, with each cup delivering nearly 40% of the recommended daily consumption of calcium

  • Easy to digest - yogurt is even easier to digest than milk

We start our yogurt from a small amount of store-bought, plain, live culture yogurt: “Activia” to be exact. We then add full fat milk and heat at a constant, but not boiling, temperature. Our yogurt-making machine assists in this process, so I do not have to watch over it. If you do not have a machine, I found an illustrated guide here explaining how to make it at home.
Simple to make, easy to store and delicious to taste, enjoy!

We like to add crusca and fiocchi di avena, wheat bran and oats, to the serving. I always pair it with a nice hot cup of green tea...

If you notice, there is no sun shinning through the window. That's because at 6:30 in the morning, even the sun stays in bed longer than we do!


bleeding espresso said...

I didn't even know there were such things as yogurt makers. I'd love to make my own--I'll be checking out that link, thanks :)

Also, where do you buy your fiocchi di avena?

Jilli said...

Look for fiocchi di avena in the BIO (organic)section in the supermarket, or in a Bio store. We have one near us, and that's where we picked it up.

The machines, called "yogutiera, make this yogurt process effortless and they only cost around 30 euros... I have seen them at every electronic store.

Remember, you reuse your original bacteria batch, so you do not need to buy yogurt for weeks. Nice!

Sugar said...

Hi Jill, I stumbled on your blog by happenstance. I've started to make my own yogurt and was wondering if there's a 'Sicilian style.' In the States its Greek crazy with some Icelandic thrown in and was curious. Thanks!

David Sugar