Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tortelli di ricotta e radicchio in brodo di tacchino

Tortelli with ricotta and Radicchio filling in turkey broth
Yes, we have been busy in the kitchen these past few days... Saturday afternoon I made turkey stock with all my leftover turkey bones. We had just enough to make one more meal with the broth and we decided to make Tortelli.

We began with 300 grams of flour, three eggs, and a drizzle of oil. We've learned that the secret is the fork breaking down the egg... Rule for egg pasta, one egg for every 100 grams.

I lightly cooked down the radicchio and then added ricotta and a spoon of parmigiano.

After all the work, our finished product looked pretty good.

Not to mention how good they tasted!


sajini said...

Hi... I found your blog through another site. It has great information and great recipes. I am moving to Sicily at the end of May. I am getting married to a Navy boy and will be living in a small town that I cant remember right now. Looking forward to more entries from you.

Jilli said...

Welcome! I know you will love Sicily as much as I do. May is a beautiful time of year here... Thanks for stopping by!