Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday lunch: maccheroni al sugo d'agnello

Hand made Maccheroni with Lamb Sauce

We started with 250 g of Semola di grano duro and mixed in 120 ml of water.

Antonello was put to work kneading the pasta......
For 30 minutes it sat in a damp cloth.
It became a perfect consistency for making the maccheroni.

Antonello's father made my maccheroni rolling rod.
Just a few minutes in front of the fire to dry out...
During the morning I had cooked down carrots, celery, and onions. In another pan, I braised the lamb pieces to seal in the juices, then added them to the vegetables. A few minutes later, I added tomato sauce and simmered the pan for a few hours. Usually, we would pull out the meat and serve it as a second, but this time we broke up the meat in the pan and served it with the pasta.

It was great! The lamb adds a unique flavor to the sauce, something special for a Sunday lunch!

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