Saturday, November 08, 2008

Un Giro in Moto

From the mountains to the sea, we let the road roll under our two wheels, taking us on a journey through the Mt. Etna landscapes.

Through the town of St.Alfio, we passed countless chestnut trees. One in particular, the largest and oldest known chestnut tree in the world, The Chestnut Tree of One Hundred Horses (Castagno dei Cento Cavalli) . The tree's name originated from a legend in which the queen of Aragon and her company of one hundred knights, during a trip to Mount Etna, were caught in a severe thunderstorm. The entire company is said to have taken shelter under the tree.

On our way, there were beautiful volcanic sights.

Fresh Sicilian produce... Including our favorite weed "Cauliceddi", Cicoria, Boraggine, wild Asparagus, fresh scallions, garlic, and sweet pumpkins. Everything picked by local farmers and sold on the streets to passerbyers. Organic one stop shop!
You can notice, on the truck, the vibrant violet sicilian "Cauliciuri", cauliflower.

Coming down from the mountain, we reached the coast of the beautiful "Riviera dei Ciclopi". Here in the little village of Santa Caterina, we stood on the cliff overlooking the Ionian Sea.
The "Timpa" of Acireale.
Gazing at the view...
Aci Trezza, a little fisherman town with it's faraglioni, a pre-historic lavic rock formation. The legend states that Polyphemus, the one eyed cyclops in Homers The Odyssey, threw these rocks into the sea trying to catch the ship of Ulysses.

Aci Trezza also has a very important fish market. In the early morning, fishing boats unload their catch and auction off their goods to the fish shops of the area.
On our last stop we visited a place dear to us... Santa Tecla, the location where we took our wedding pictures. Featuring a beautiful rocky coast, the Mediterranean flora, the cliff of Acireale in the background, and Mt.Etna.

We were so thankful for this opportunity to ride our bike with such beautiful weather in this late fall.


KC said...

Wow, is that a church (Sta. Tecla, I imagine?) on that outcropping? It's so beautiful! I love going for passagiate on a motorcycle, it's so much more fun than being in a car.

Jilli said...

The bike gives us a way to reach places that we could never reach with the car. Small dirt roads in the country, that once were traveled only by donkey. We feel more free to stop anywhere, turn-around, and avoid traffic!! We can also enjoy the views from a different prospective.

I do not know from which period, but it was a look-out tower.

jmisgro said...

Breathtaking photos! I cannot wait!

Jilli said...

jmisgro- Are you coming to visit?

The Cwtch said...

What a wonderful post! I feel like I've just been on a bike ride around Sicily!

Jill said...

The Cwtch- Thanks, this place is beautiful!!