Sunday, November 09, 2008

Nicolosi: Etna Frutta

We made our way to the town of Nicolosi this morning to enjoy the "Fruit of Etna" festival.

Stand after stand of bright colors and sweet scents... There was so much to see!

We obviously left with our hands full!

A few of our goodies from the day!
Porcini mushrooms are everywhere this time of year. Those that grow under the chestnut tree are known to have the best flavor. We made sure to pick up a few... Once we got home we cleaned them up and put them right on the pan.


Anonymous said...

Hi - Your goodies look beautiful and delicious!! I have always wondered if the produce in Italy is you know here in the states it is laden with pesticides, unless it is labeled organic, and it is quite pricey.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Delicious and tasty, you are so lucky to have markets like that. I was only in Sicily for a week in 2006 and miss the markets there.

I Touch said...

nice photos, I am visiting Nicolosi and Mt. Etna soon )

Elio said...

W Nicolosi :-)