Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday at the Sea

Bright and early this morning we were on our way to the beach, hoping to beat the crowd. Sundays are notorious for being crazy busy. We were fortunate, however, we found a parking spot and away we were.

The fresh sea air!

Alfio found a friend when he went diving for fish. Cute little guy...

It was a great day, that is until it was time to leave. The town of Calatabiano should be ashamed! We have to pay to park here and look at what we were up against when we tried to leave. I wrote an email to the town mayor with photos and copied it to as many email addresses I could find online. I realize nothing will change, but this can be managed much better.

Yeah, there is plenty of room to get by...!??! No more will we be going to the beach on Sunday, unless we get there early and spend the whole day.

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