Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Buon Compleanno Maria Elena e Teresa

What a nice night we all shared last night.
Maria Elena and Teresa prepared a grand feast for everyone. First the table was full of antipasto, then pasta salads and vegetables prepared in so many ways, and finally the table was full of desserts. Later, after the presents, they cut the cake and we celebrated with bubbly spumante.
Padre Salvatore, our priest, brought his karaoke machine that entertained us all.

Our choir was all there and we sang into the night!

Hmm, can you tell they are sisters?

At least I took a picture of the desserts I made while they were in the fridge. Once they hit the table they were gone. These people were piranhas! Once I got my camera out the table was empty...

Sweet vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting. At this point they were still missing their sprinkles.
This was a beautifully dense lemon pound cake with lemon frosting.

This little guy may look strange, but I received many compliments. Mocha Hazelnut cheesecake with Baileys.
I have had many requests for this recipe from friends, so I will post it here. Please forgive me if words are incorrect...

Torta di formaggio fresca: Mocha, nocciola
4 (250 g ) philadelphia formaggio
310 g zucchero
3 cucchiaio farina
4 uova
100 ml Panna dolce
3 cucchiaio Baileys o Kaluha
150 g cioccolata bianco tagliato
1/4 cucchiaino sale (pocco)
(se vuoi, biscotti cioccolata mollica <250 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_28">nocciola mollica <250 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_30">Forno: 160°C
Mischiare philadelphia, zucchero, farina, e sale. Quando leggero basta.
Aggiungere uova e mischiare.
Aggiungere Baileys e panna, mischiare.
Piega cioccolata bianco.
Versare dentro forma. Aggingere biscotti e nocciola sopra, come vuoi.

Dentro forno per 70-80+ min, quando fermo raffredarsi fuori per 30 min ritto. Allora, raffredarsi dentro frigo per 2 ora, ancora dentro la forma. (Meglio per la notte)

Hai bisogno chiarificazione, mi invia il e-mail! :)


Anonymous said...

Ciao Jilli,
you do live the good life.
Is that all of your husband's famiglia?
I always look forward to your posts e vedo che sei brava con l'italiano.

A presto,
Carole in Missouri

Jilli said...

Thanks, sorry it's been so long! Yes, well, family and friends...