Friday, July 04, 2008

Sicilian Horse Carts

There is beauty all around. Antonello and I often take the back roads and find hidden treasures along the way. This hard worker was taking a rest in the shade...

The cart creator's art is almost a lost one, kept alive by the diligence and dedication of just a few talented craftsmen; at once carpenters, iron smiths and artists.
These colourful panels represent more than another era, they symbolise a way of life, and in centuries past, these works of art were everywhere in Sicily.


chiara76 said...

I like this pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us;) Greetings from Warsaw.

david santos said...

Ciao Jilli, come vĂ ? Spero tutto bene per te. Buon lavoro. Un abbraccio e un buon fine settimana.