Friday, May 09, 2008

Frittata agli asparagi selvatici

With its thin delicate stalks and deliciously bitter taste, there is no comparison to wild asparagus. Yesterday, Antonello came home with a bag of asparagus and they were just too green and perfect not to take a picture!

His parents picking away...

Wild Asparagus Frittata

Rinse and clean the Asparagus.
Place in a pan and cook covered until tender.
• You won’t add any water to the pan, the water on the stems is enough.
Add three eggs to the pan and stir until the egg covers all the stems.
I then add a few nice slices of Tuma to the mix... Once the Tuma is melted, enjoy!


chiara76 said...

Hi there, I've found your blog accidentaly but it is so interesting so I will be back;) What's a pity my blog is not in English as your is(I come from Poland and I write my blog in Polish).
Anyway, have a nice time there,
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bleeding espresso said...

I'm so happy someone else has seen this wild asparagus! I have photos on Flickr here and here but the photos just don't seem to do justice to how gorgeous they are.

Jilli said...

I stopped by your blog! Where are you now? Sorry, I can't understand anything... But, I look forward to looking at your pictures.
Thanks again!

chiara76 said...

I live in Warsaw (Poland). Greetings.

joesap said...

does anyone know the botanic name of the "asparaci selvaggi"? please feel free to email it to me at