Friday, May 30, 2008


The other day, Antonello came home with a large tray of tomatoes for making sauce. He also picked up a few peppers from the same road side vendor. Adding a few onions into the mix, I was ready for a large production of fresh Carrapipana!


Depending on what you have around the house, you can be the judge on the quantities... I just happened to have three nice size peppers.

3 Large peppers
1,600 grams of tomatoes
550 grams of onions
small package of cooking cream, panna

In a large pan with a very small amount of water, layer in all the vegetables.

Leave the pot to simmer on a low flame. Once everything has cooked down, transfer the mixture to a vegetable mill and make a smooth sauce.
I then placed the extra sauce in jars to save for another day. When you're ready for something light and simple, just add some salt.
However, Carrapipana goes one extra step beyond that. The addition of rich cream makes this sauce heavenly. Once the sauce has cooked down and all the extra water has evaporated, add the cream and watch this mixture transform. I served this with thick al dente spiral pasta and the rich sauce adhered to every twist and turn... Yummy!


Scintilla said...

Must try this, sounds delicious for summer !! Rosa

Jilli said...

Great idea! Enjoy...

Proud Italian Cook said...

Those tomatoes look wonderful and so does your sauce!

Jilli said...

Thank you! It was yummy...

Megan said...

Does the name came from the town Carapepe Valguarnera? I didn't know they had a namesake sauce.