Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cucuzza Mieli con Riso e Mascolini

Let's hope the rain is over! This winter we were saturated with rain. Almost every day there were clouds, something very unusual for this place. We have been fortunate to have some beautiful days this past week. I say that, however, today it happens to be a bit of a dreary day. In any case, I took a picture to remember the sunshine shinning through my kitchen window when I was cooking.

Cucuzza Mieli con Riso (Pumpkin risotto) was on the menu for this day. My mother in law gave us half of a very large sweet pumpkin, from our garden. Nothing is better than the vegetables grown in the rich Sicilian soil.

For second, I bought Mascolini at the fish market. They are very inexpensive and they are not cultivated! Therefore, when they are available, I buy them. These little fishes are rich in omega 3, excellent blue fish, and oh so good.

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