Friday, January 18, 2008

A day out with the girls…

This week, while shopping for vegetables, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Justina and Rosaria. Both of them happen to be from Australia, so it was an absolute pleasure to speak in English! Rosaria is passing through for the moment, as she is off onto another travel destination next week. Justina and her husband happen to be neighbors of ours, living just a few houses up the road from us. We got together this morning for coffee, conversation, and a stroll in the sunshine at the Linguaglossa street market. While there, we were introduced to Annalisa, a friend of Justina who lives in Linguaglossa and studies languages in Catania. There we were, all four speaking in English, while every person that passed turned his or her head to hear this strange language being spoken…
I look forward to many more get-togethers…

We'll see you soon Rosaria!


Cherrye said...

Ohhh, I am jealous. I miss days with the girls most of all when I am here.

justina said...

Ciao Jilli!

Come va. Your blog looks fantastic! I have forwarded your address to my family and friends in Australia and they were all very impressed. I think you have truely captured the essence of Sicilian living - romantic in every sense of the word.

I look forward to sharing many more interesting adventures with you here in Sicilia.

ci vidiamo!
bacio bacio


Jilli said...

Cherrye e Justina, thanks for stopping by!

Cherrye, there is nothing better than a little girl talk!

Justina, I am happy that your family can now get a little glimpse of what our place is like!

Rosaria said...


Look at you girlys sifting through the bargains.... (that price sign in the forground was work of genius!! :P ) I for one loved that um..."chest area warmer" we found!!

Can't wait to get together again in June!!


ps. I finally made it to London.. the second flight was also cancelled so they put us in a Hotel for the night. Off to California in the morning!!

Jilli said...

Oh, the joys of travel... Just remember, the California Sun is waiting for you!