Monday, February 01, 2010

Living in the past, Colletta di Castelbianco

Imagine going back in time and walking through the intimate pathways of an active 13th-century medieval village. Well, one doesn't need a time machine to visit Colletta, a modern day mix of past, present, and future…

There is a feeling of small town charm when you visit. We were greeted warmly when we walked into the Bar with the sweet smell of hot chocolate on the stove. We then pulled up a chair, sat down, and chatted away with one of the year round homeowners. She told us stories of the place and activities that were coming up in the near future. With a heartfelt smile, she described the warmth of the other towns people. For example, if one person happens to be leaving the town on errands, they ask the others if they need anything while they are out, using their ISDN telephones that are connected to one another throughout the town. Although it is not a genuine community as of yet, as most apartments are used as summer rentals, the hope is that one day people will embraced the concept of the village and stay year round, making it their home.

I would not have known of this little gem of a place had it not have been for Anne over in Anne in Oxfordshire. She mentioned that she had spent some time in Liguria and stayed in Colletta. So, after a bit of searching on the internet, yesterday we set out to discover this unique Borgo.
An article in Fast Company, Dolce Vita, Internet Style, Ian Wylie writes of the development and concept of this cybervillaggio.

Visit Colletta di Castelbianco and see for yourself if this is your next adventure. Houses are still available…


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello Jill.

Wow thank you for the link to me..I was shocked when I saw it :-) Oh I wonder if you saw Alexandra..lovely lady, who looks after the apartments. Did you have your drink in the little bar, we stayed just above there. I am so pleased with a little help from me you got to see this wonderful place, it is amazing !! I love your photos too, I have lots and lots .

jmisgro said...

Wow, another town to add to the list!!

Viktor said...

Beautiful place to be

Rose Marie said...

Have not looked at your site for many months now. I see that you have been busy travelling and have added some delectable recipes as usual. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to always add new things to your site.

I hear occasionally from Sebastiano Rapasarda and his wife Irene with whom you put me in touch. They are so nice also and are cousins of my son's godfather here in New York City. Thank you for connecting us way back when. He always sends me wonderful videos of Piedemonte Etneo feasts and concerts, etc.

Hope you and your husband Antonello and all of the family are well.


Rose Marie Milcetic
Whitestone, New York

PS You must have celebrated your third anniversary already. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! My, how time does fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!