Monday, February 08, 2010

Savona- paesi e sapori

Savona is full of surprises! Saturday night we decided to spend the evening strolling and enjoying its caruggi (typical narrow streets).  Walking up Corso Italia, we were greeted by the lights and bustle of the paesiesapori market.

Paesiesapori is a market of Italian food and wine dedicated to the regional products and their territories of origin. It is a meeting between the public and the producers, in the heart of the most attractive Italian towns, where it transforms the square into a rich arcade of colors and perfumes.

Paesiesapori is one of the many events within the La Compagnia dei Sapori association. An association dedicated to promote the work of people who produce and value quality foods, such as farmers and craftsmen. This association is very active, check out their site and see what is happening in your area...

Thanks to all the samplings of new products, we purchased a tasty selection of meets and cheeses from the area.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Thanks for the tour ! I love the markets like this, so interesting. I think I need to go back there :-)

Anonymous said...

quite jealous my friend. it all looks absolutely inviting. wish i had a bit of it here.