Monday, February 08, 2010

Carnevale Cogoleto-Arenzano

Who can ask for a prettier Sunday?  The sun's rays brought everyone of Cogoleto out to the Lungomare to enjoy a stroll by the sea. 

Today, there just happened to be a Gran Prix Uisp 2010 Race in Cogoleto, which was part competition race and part leisure walk . The Athletic League Uisp (Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti) is an athletic association with an objective to offer sporting activities to all the citizens. If you are here in Italy, look them up and see what activity is being held in your area!

While out, we also met up with a few characters along the way...  It was afterall Carnivale, and these little guys were ready for the celebration! 

However, we had other places to get to...  Quick change, and then we were off to the Carnevale taking place in Arenzano...    

We all had a ball...


maryjane said...

There is a new show called The Generations Project where they take every day people who have questions about their family history. Tonight they are showing a really cool story about a girl who learns about her Sicilian great grandparents and she travels to The Hill in St. Louis. It will play tonight at 8pm MST on BYU Television. They have a Facebook page if you want more information.
I just thought you would be interested.

Espresso said...

Fiesta :D