Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sunday Lunch in Linguaglossa

This past Sunday, lunch was shared with a table of new friends at Debbi and Carmelo's house.

After lunch we took a drive over to a new construction site of Giuseppe Palanga, who is an architect in Linguaglossa. But this was something special... A self sufficient house created by the team of studiodeda. Studiodeda is a collaborative network of architects, engineers, environmental scientists working together in the fields of biodiversity and energy saving. I was blown away! If you are interested in building a house here in Sicily, you certainly should look into this technology... Their office is located in Linguaglossa, and their name "deda" is the Sicilian word for the resin rich, Etna pine root that is used as a firestarter.


Lost in Sicily said...

Good to know that such a company exists! Please check out my blog post on Giarre as I thank you in it!

Jill said...

This company is amazing!! To think that this house complete, with all the technology, 170 sq meters, 250,000 euro... I'll pop over!