Sunday, February 08, 2009

Winter on the mountain...

Today is a great day! Not only is it a beautiful day on the island of Sicily, with the warm sun shining through my window, but I am also happy to announce that my computer is up and running again!!

What an experience, skiing on an active volcano! An amazing panoramic backdrop, the contrast of the blue Ionian Sea and the white snow of Mount Etna.

Piano Provenzana is located on the north side of Mt. Etna, passing through the town of Linguglossa. There are so many winter activities to enjoy!

Plan your winter sports on the Volcano with the help of


Lost in Sicily said...

Now that looks fun, and beautiful of course!

Jill said...

It is!! You'll have to take a drive up on the next sunny day... You're sure to have a great time playing in the snow!