Tuesday, February 10, 2009

biscotti di pasta frolla

When ever I make a torta di ricotta or a crostata, I always make extra pasta frolla and freeze it. So, when that unexpected visitor passes by, I am always ready to bake up something sweet on the spot.

Once thawed, I just made little round balls of dough and placed an almond in the center. I then rolled the balls in sugar and placed them on the cookie sheet. When cooking, they flattened out and were perfect. I find that the stutto makes the cookies very delicate and breakable... Let's just say that on the night of the Madonnina, all the cookies were finished and everyone wanted the recipe! Even the priest said that I should open up a bakery...

Pasta Frolla

350 g flour
100 g strutto (You could use butter, but the strutto gives it a nice crumbly texture)
100 g sugar
3 eggs
half pack levito for sweets ( half tsp baking powder)

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Tom said...

I wish I could take a cookie off the plate. They look so good. I forgot what strutto was until I looked back on one of your earlier blogs...pig's fat. Hey I'm willing to try anything once.