Monday, November 06, 2006

St. Leonardo, Mascali

November 6th is the day the town of Mascali celebrates their patron Saint, St. Leonardo. Mascali is a town nearby, just down the road a bit. We questioned weather or not to go, being that it was 12 degrees Celsius outside. But, we just bundled up and went. The whole weekend was dedicated to him, and everyone came out to celebrate. The streets were lined with vendors selling a little something of everything. We stopped by a Torrone seller and bought a bar to enjoy as we walked.

It felt like summer all over again! There were rides for the kids and a large stage with a live band playing. No one was threatened by the temperatures, for all of us in Mascali, it was a pleasant night.

3 comments: said...

Just came across your site while doing a search on St. Leonardo. I grew up in Mascali and remember the feast well. I miss the walks, the citrus, the beach, Mt. Etna.


Jilli said...

This is a small world... Mascali comes alive during the festival of St.Leonardo.

Sicily is a beautiful place! So much to see...

Thanks for stopping by!

Cory said...


Mi chiamo Brady Patterson, ed io da Vancouver, Washington, Stati Uniti d'America. Sono in una banda di rock and roll cattolica ha chiamato IL THIRSTING. Ameremmo cominciare progettando un giro Europeo per l'anno prossimo ed amerebbe venire a Sicilia.

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