Thursday, November 02, 2006

A day picking Greens

I know, I forgot my camera again, and it would have been a great photo! Yesterday, after lunch, we went to the hillside to collect greens. It was just that, a beautiful, untouched, hilly landscape covered in green. We were serenaded by the ringing bells around the necks of the lambs in the distance eating. I felt like I was in Ireland. We went right to work, bent over, cutting what seamed to be weeds to me, the same plant that you see above. Honestly, if we were to eat what I collected, we would have been eating just bread. I’m still learning!

But, as the day progressed, I was getting better at recognizing the leaf that we were searching for. Once I came home, I looked online and was shocked! This leave has the same shape as dandelion. Check out the link attached to the title of this entry and you too will be amazed of all the benefits this pesky weed has! You might rethink trying to kill it in your lawn.

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