Monday, August 13, 2007

Bachelorette Party

Here, Teresa and MariaElena holding the mics...

My "soon to be" sisters-in-laws (at that time) took me out for my Bachelorette Party. I know what you're thinking... The whole church choir was invited and it was nothing like that! They knew exactly what I would enjoy... Pizza and KARAOKE!!

Me, MariaElena, and MariaGrazia

Me, MariaGrazia, Teresa, GianLuca, Andrea, and MariaElena

Our first dinner with friends..

One night, before both Carmelo and Francesco went back to work on their ships, we shared another great meal together... We look forward to so many more! Next time will be with you Kelly... :)

Matrimonio di Antonello e Jill Suzanne

Sabato 26 Maggio 2007