Monday, May 25, 2009

Auguri Debbi and Carmelo

Yesterday Debbi and Carmelo celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary. Thirteen of us dined on a fabulous feast!
Don't forget, Debbi and Carmelo offer a very relaxing Sicilian Vacation Rental Property. Their current guests joined us!

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James Paul said...

There is nothing like the sweet embrace of arriving at a new destination. The locals, food, music, art, and culture are all so unique wherever you go that they must be experienced first-hand. As an operator of Tuscany food and wine tours I see this every day. There is nothing like watching my guests make connections with the locals, sharing stories about each other's cultures, and even prying family recipes out of the hands of our chefs. I appreciate the article, and do let me know if you ever find yourself in Tuscany.