Monday, June 23, 2008


Where ever does the time go... These past few weeks have flown by and I have a lot of catching up to do! With the warm weather, I have spent many days on the beach, taking in the fresh air and sun. The heat does not leave you with much of an appetite, but fortunately, we have been overwhelmed with fruits this year. The apricots, peaches, and cherries are busting out all over! Our apricot tree has such sweet little beauties that you find yourself taking one right after another. Then there are the little pears; I must remember my camera next time for these mini creations. You literally tear off the long stem and pop the whole pear in your mouth.

With these few days of not writing, I have received many more emails from passer-byers opening up and telling me about how a piece of this island remains with them. Whether it be from a long ago travel that introduced them to the tastes, sights, and romance of Sicily, or from someone searching for more information in their family history; my little blog has touched them. Through this blog I have encountered many new people. People who read and reminisce of years ago, people who for the first time see the images their grandparents would always talk about, and people who see where their family traditions and family came from.

As some who search for parts of their past, I am thrilled to discover that my simply words touch others so deeply. I never imagined that writing and documenting what I find to be so fascinating about this place others, too, find interesting. I started as just a simple journal of sorts, for family and friends to see what I was up to day to day. My husband and I love living here, love all that there is to discover and embrace. I am touched that others can and do embrace the same!

A presto!

One day last week I took my niece, nephew, and mother-in-law to the beach. It wasn't a perfect sunny day, but we all enjoyed the same!


Anonymous said...

Ciao Jilli!

When I was in Piedimonte I was occupied by the politic matters and pictures. Now, in germany, I regret to have not spent all the time (lost in Piedimonte) at the beach!


Jilli said...

You guys left already!?! Not to worry, there are many more months of beach season! See you soon...