Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Baking with Elena and Chiara

Dressed in our Christmas aprons, Elena, Chiara, and I were set for a night of baking. The lights on the tree were sparkling, the wood in the fireplace was crackling, the Christmas carolers were singing, and the sweet scents from the oven were filling the room. We were busy yesterday! By the time we were finished we made a few dozen Spritz Cookies, Strawberry Jam Bars, three plump logs of Salame di Cioccolato (Chocolate Salami), and a three tier chocolate and vanilla Checkerboard Cake. Everything is now in the freezer awaiting Sunday evening, when Antonello and I have our Christmas Party!!


...Elena... said...

The atmosphere was very Christmas...all was perfect..we'll remember that moment for all life!
We're very happy to have an aunt like you!
Thank you...=) with love,
Elena & Chiara

Jilli said...

That night I, too, will never forget! I was fortunate to have such great helpers! Now, we have next year to look forward to.

Un bacione,
Zia Jill