Monday, September 17, 2007


We had our first camping experience! A few weeks ago we took a weekend trip to Tropea, Calabria. We camped in the “Campeggio Marina del Convento” that sits right on the sea. Let’s just say that we must go back!! Click on the title and have a look.

The Chiesa dell'Isola, a church dedicated to seafarers that sits on top of a rocky outcrop that juts out into the sea. This is the view from the town. Steps can take you down to the sea for a refreshing bath...

Tropea has one of the most interesting and beautiful Historic Centers in the whole of Calabria. The Taormina of Calabria is what it’s often referred to as. We enjoyed taking walks on their tiny maze like streets. With ever twist and turn we stumbled upon another amazing view.

On the ferry boat back to our island...

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Bob and Rosemary said...

Hi! We never made it to Calabria, during our two years in Italy but these images make me wish we had! Beautiful!!! I can see you are very happy there. We still miss Italy and hope to return one day.

All the best,