Monday, March 12, 2007

Bridal Shower

"Jill is packing for Sicily, she could surely use a hand.
Lacey lingerie would be lovely,
Luxurious linens would be grand.
Join us for her bridal shower,
As she heads to her new land."

We all had such a nice time last Sunday at my shower. To have so many friends and family share in this special day with me was fantastic!

My cousins were there to join in the day with me! (All but one, we missed you Ashley.)

Our hazelnut, dark chocolate fondue station was a hit! Mom also had French vanilla pound cake cupcakes made. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to enjoy either… My mother and I were recovering from an awful flu that knocked us out for a week. We were able to make it to the shower and that was the most important thing!

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